Missing Dog – “Nemo”, a medium sized male, red wire-haired Vizsla went missing near Flatrocks in Cornwall on Saturday (1/18/20) during the storm.  “Nemo” is very  friendly and is wearing a collar and tags and is micro chipped.  If you see “Nemo” please call Allen, 203-305-2719.


Missing Cat – “Sally” a gray, petite Maine Coon mix, long hair, tan nose. She was last seen around Thanksgiving on Cedar Lane in Torrington. If you see “Sally” please call 860-480-9761.


Lost Dog 12/6/19 – ‘Coco,’ brown long hair Aussie, missing in the Klug Hill area of Torrington (route 4/Highland Ave), call Harry 860-601-1997.


Lost Cat – Cream-colored male cat with chocolate brown points. No collar. About 2 years old. Missing since November 3rd in the area of Norfolk Rd. in Torrington. if seen please phone or text, 860-309-3473


Missing Cat – Mostly white with gray. “Luna” was last seen on 9/16 on Mt Pleasant Terrace on Torrington’s west side. If found, please call Paula at 860-622-0358.


Found Cat – Gray and white very friendly cat. Found on Litchfield street in Torrington near TV lab.  Please call 860-387-8007. (9/5/19)


Lost Dog – Female Golden Retreiver lost from Pie Hill Road in Goshen. “Jessie” has a collar and tags and is golden brown in color. Approx. 165 pounds. Please call 860-307-8877. (9/5/19)


Lost Cat –  Medium sized, short-haired male, white with orange markings who is curious, very friendly and loves to climb. He answers to “Ted” and “Teddo”, was last seen on Charles Street in Torrington and he is really missed! If you see “Ted” please call 860-485-2422.


Lost Cat –  Gray and white, male, long-haired Maine Coon cat approximately 15lbs. “Francis” is very friendly and was last seen in the Garden St. area of Torrington. If you see “Francis” please call 860-459-5228.


Found Cat –  Young female Kitty. Grey with light grey, and gold eyes, very friendly, spayed and well-cared for.  Found on 8/19 at Pleasantview development in Torrington. If you are the owner, or know the owner, please call Jack at 860-689-3832.


Missing Cat – Small, gray, male, long haired cat. “Smokey” was last seen in the Center School area of Litchfield. If you find “Smokey” please call 860-307-1454.


Missing Cat – “Max”, is light orange with a white collar.  He is missing the tip of one ear and has been missing since Wednesday, July 3.  Lost in the Oxbow Drive and Torringford St area of Torrington.  Any info, please call 860-307-2909.


Missing Gray Cockatiel answers to “Buddy”. “Buddy”  flew away on June 13th from Green Acres Rd. in Harwinton. If you find “Buddy” please call 860-309-1354


Missing Cat –  very young tabby. “Fuzzy” was last seen on Wilmont St. in Torrington. Please call 860-459-5686 if you find him.


Missing Cat –  Calico – brown, white and gray.  “Nika” (nee-ka) is very sweet and fluffy and she was last seen on Lorenzo St. in Torrington.  She formerly went by the name “Zelda”.   If you find “Nika”/ “Zelda” please call 860-482-8804. Reward offered, no questions asked.


Missing Dog –  Female, chihuahua, tan and white, approx 15 lbs, no collar. “Lucy” is friendly, but a bit skittish and was last seen on Highland Ave. at Maplewood Ave. in Torrington. If you find “Lucy” please call Michelle at 860-733-2193.


Lost Lamb –  Baby male lamb, 8 weeks old, white and tan, went missing on Maple St in Litchfield, Saturday, May 25.  He has a tagged ear with #30 on the tag.  If you see this lamb, please call 860-459-1451.


Lost Dog –  “Audi”, an older, female black Labrador retriever, went missing in the Goshen area, near Canaan.  “Audi” is not wearing a collar.  She is sweet and friendly.  If you see her, please call 860-491-2342.


Found Kitty –  Pretty white kitty with a black tail- Found in the vicinity of Naser Road in Litchfield.  Very friendly! If yours, call 860-567-5313.


If you’ve lost or found a pet, call us during business hours at 860-567-3697 and we can announce it for you!