10/8 – Lost Cat – ‘Prince Charming,’ all white short hair, 4 year old male cat.  Missing in the Goodhouse Road area of Litchfield, no collar or chip on him, 860-459-2206.

10/5 – Lost Cat – Orange, male with microchip, answers to ‘Ragner,’ very friendly, last seen in the Apter Drive area of Torrington.  Reward offered, 860-480-4922.

10/2 – Lost Cat;  “Hailey” a one year old small grey and white tabby cat.  Hailey went missing in the Mountain View Manor area of Torrington on Tuesday, 9/29.  She is an indoor cat and is not wearing a collar.  If seen, please call 860-733-5667

9/28 – Lost Cat;  Male named “Flash”.  Flash is a 5 year old black and white indoor cat, last seen on Aetna Ave. in Torrington the evening of 9/27.    He is very friendly but a little skiddish.  If you see Flash, please call 860-689-5477

9/21 Lost Cat; Female named “Gandy”, missing from Pratt street in Winsted. She’s a gray and white Tabby. If seen, please call 860-307-6560.

9/17 Lost Cat; Dark Charcoal gray cat with white paws, ruff around the neck and underside. Long-haired fluffy friendly indoor cat. “Frassy” is hard of hearing. Last seen in the vicinity of Birchwood drive and clearview avenue in Torrington. If found, please call 860-482-6825.

9/9 – Lost Dog – Black German Shepherd, lost a month ago on Marsh Road in Northfield, collar, no tags.  860-778-9495.

8/31- Found Dog;- Female brown and white beagle with a black collar. Found on Maple street in Litchfield. Call 860-485-9165.

8/27-Lost Cat; Male, looks like a Maine Coon cat, but has a summer shave-down and a lions’ tail! “Rumsay” is very friendly and Savvy! Last seen in the vicinity of Mountain Road in Torrington. Please call 860-496-8454.

8/24-Lost Cat; Black and white male with tiny white spots. Has a collar and is friendly. “Meecho” was last seen in the Milton section of Litchfield. If found, please call 860-567-4575

8/21- Lost Cat; Orange and white long haired neutered male cat. Lost on Maple street in Winsted.  If found, please call 860-238-7419.

8/21-Lost Cat; White male “Little Man” has a black spot on his right side and a black tail. Friendly, and last seen in the Prospect and Rockwell streets of Winsted. Please call 860-601-3744

8/19-15-Lost Cat; Missing 1 year old female, “Rose” is white with  tiger stripe patches and a mask on her face. very friendly-no collar.  Missing from the Goshen road near the Torrington-Goshen line. If seen please call 860-307-6241.

8/18/15-Lost Cat;  “Maxwell,” a 9 yr old male tiger cat went missing from the Highland Ave/Baron Lane area of Torrington on 8/14.  Maxwell is black with grey, white and rust markings and has brilliant green eyes.  He is not wearing a collar.  He and his owners just moved to the area, and he may be disoriented.  If you see him, please call 860-307-3802.

8/18/15 Lost Cat; Orange female cat named “Layla” is missing from the Highland Lake-Shore drive-Carey Avenue area of Winsted. Terribly missed! Please call 860-309-0973.

8/17/15-Lost Cat; 8 year old spayed female Calico cat. “Callie”  is very friendly and is not wearing a collar. She’s been missing since August 13th, and was last seen on Starks road, near Burr pond in Torrington. Please call 203-648-3731.