Backstage with Johnny O

Johnny O is the host of his own show, Backstage, Saturdays from 9-10am. The show's debut was May 11th, 2002, and is dedicated to the community theatre scene in and around Litchfield County.
  • Interviews with local actors, directors, choreographers, and music directors.
  • Interviews with some of Broadway's biggest stars!
  • What's the Buzz: Listen at 9:30, to find out what shows are playing, as well as audition info!
  • Theatre ticket giveaways
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Johnny O Podcast

Hometown: Thomaston, CT

My Radio Story: After graduating from Connecticut School of Broadcasting, I was host of a show many years ago on Cable 5 in Litchfield.  It was there that I met a camera operator named Dale Jones.  We started talking and I expressed my interest in getting into radio.  He invited me to the station to learn to board-op for Sunday Morning Jazz.

From there I started subbing for Amy Taylor on the Afternoon Drive Show and then subbed for Dale on Morning Live.  You will still hear me fill in occasionally for the very talented Amy Ferrarotti during The Amy Afternoon.  In 2001, I approached Jenn and Dale about a program dedicated to the community theatre scene in Litchfield County.  With the station’s community-oriented format, it was a natural fit.  In May of 2002, Backstage with Johnny O debuted and has been going strong ever since.

Hobbies: I have been actively involved in theatre for nearly 20 years now having performed at the Warner Theatre, Thomaston Opera House, TheatreWorks, Seven Angels, The Old Town Hall in Goshen, and other venues across the state.  I also love watching movies.  I enjoy playing golf (albeit badly) and love watching hockey, baseball, and football.  I am all teams NEW YORK!

Little known fact about me: I cannot read music.  Many people are very surprised that I can’t read music after being involved in musical theatre for so many years!  I think I’ve done pretty well despite it!

Music – I love showtunes, oldies, classic rock, and classical best.
Movies – All genres.  Watching people create believable characters and master their craft is inspiring.
TV – I love to laugh, so my favorite all-time television show is All in the Family.  Brilliant ensemble led by the incomparable Carroll O’ Connor.  Also a big fan of The Office and new fave, Modern Family.
Theatre – way too hard to narrow down, but Les Mis is still my favorite all-time musical and my favorite playwrights are Eugene O’Neill, Tennessee Williams, and Arthur Miller.

My 2 cents: I can’t thank the listeners enough for welcoming me into your cars and homes over these last 10+ years of working at ZBG!  Your thoughtful words and comments over the years are very humbling.  None of what I do would be possible without the support of my WZBG family.  I’ve learned a lot, laughed a lot, and have been privileged to work with you all!
Much love always to my beautiful and talented wife Rebecca!