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Dale C. Jones

Hometown: Sharon

My Radio Story: Got started in 1981 following a chance audition at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting! I took a friend out for her audition, she ended up NOT going, I was part of the Class of 1981. I’ve enjoyed radio jobs since the spring of ‘81 in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, Torrington, Sharon (my hometown), and now Litchfield since 1994. I’ve been lucky to be a show host, interviewer, News Director and Music and Program Director. After all this time, the buzz of opening up the microphone is still there!

Hobbies: motorcycling, home improvement, camping, dancing, time with Tanner-dog.

Favorites: I enjoy many forms of music, but listen most to 70’s rock, new singer-songwriters, and country! The Beatles “In my life” has been my theme song of life for years. I like comedy and dramatic TV and movies, but can’t watch reality shows. I love grilled food, and the outdoors.

Little known fact about me: I’m a private person who needs time with just my wife.

My Two Cents: Life is not a dress rehearsal!..Discover what is most important to you, and work for that… Wishes are mostly a waste of time…Save money, spend time… self pity is worthless… spirituality and religion are not the same thing… friendships take work… being vulnerable means you can still feel… good health is the greatest wealth you’ll ever know… decide and vote… sleep is good!


Jeff Zeiner

Hometown: Torrington, CT

My Radio Story: I began in radio at Torrington’s former station in 1982, actually doing a classical music radio show on weekends and delved into the news business when an opening occurred, and never looked back! I studied communications in college, and since 1992 have anchored the news here at WZBG and on Cable-5 television in Litchfield. It makes for a long, but very enjoyable and rewarding day!

Hobbies: jet skiing, movies, trips to Tanglewood, cooking, travel.

Favorites: Beatles, classical music, James Bond movies, Seinfeld, and any kind of mac & cheese I can find!

Little known fact about me: I served a full-time mission for my Church in Germany at age 19, played
trombone in the Torrington High School Band, and once met the great conductor Leonard Bernstein.

My Two Cents: Help someone every day if you can, because what goes around really does come around, and life is short, so enjoy the journey!



Joe Furey

Hometown:  Norwalk, CT

My Radio Story:  Growing up in Norwalk, I always knew I  wanted to be a Weatherman and someday be on WNLK – the local Norwalk station.  I met Dr. Mel in college who became my mentor, and eventually landed a gig on my local radio station! 

Hobbies:  Weather, Baseball, Golf, Running

Favorites:  My wife, Tracy, my daughters, my dog, Jake, Connecticut, and Earth, Wind, & Fire :)

Little known fact about me:  Fear of lightning – I stay away from windows & off the phone during a storm, and I have lightning rods at my house.

My Two Cents:  Don’t ever let somebody tell you that you can’t do something