Doug Harrel

Hometown: Poughkeepsie, NY
My Radio Story: I worked overnights in radio for 3-years, verrrrrrrrrrrry interesting experience.
Hobbies: reading

Favorites: Natalie Merchant, (t-v show) House, Hamburgers
Little known fact about me: I’m scared of heights.
My Two Cents: My name is Doug and I’m scared of heights.

Jennifer Parsons

Hometown: Ridgefield, CT
My Radio Story: Was hit by the radio bug in the eighties.  Just a fill-in jock, the rest of the time, I’m the Boss!
Hobbies: Love to play golf..doesn’t happen as often as I’d like!  Watching the NY Giants & Yankees, cheering on my boys..they’re like a hobby.
Favorites: Most anything HBO!  Grey’s, Top Chef.  Love love love a turkey dinner with all the trimmings, pasta!  Love JT, The Boss, Elton John, Keith Urban, Lady A.
Little known fact about me: I’m not a very good cook…and I love my couch!
My Two Cents: I’m so thankful for my four boys (one I married, three I gave birth to), for this incredible job, and the chance to work with such an outstanding and generous staff, and for the ‘village’ around me that helps me to have it all.  Cuz it really does ‘take a village!’ xo